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Why Your Hospital Needs a Pediatric Palliative Care Program Bryant, Shawna  
Why We Must Care About Medicare Garner, Craig B.  
Why Now is the Time to Self-Fund Smith, SPHR, Susan  
Whole Slide Imaging At CellNetix Cooke, Pat  
Who will be Newly Insured in Oregon? Peel, David  
Who are you Gonna Call? Behavior-Based Services Keep The Workplace Productive Stone, Ph.D., David  
Whither TrumpCare Nelson, Harry  
Where Words Fail Grewe, Fred  
Where to Find the Perfect Finance Director Peel, David  
What’s Driving the M&A Frenzy in Health Care IT? Hurst, Roberta Bautista,  Blair
What Your Hospital Needs to Know to Comply with 501(r) and Reduce the Risk of Costly IRS Penalties Wright, CIA, CPA, Mary Ramires, CPA  Colleen
What Providers Need to Know: Determining “Reasonable Value” for Future Medical Costs Adams, Paul  
What Issues Will Employers Face in 2013? Vestal, Josephine B.  
What Are We Fighting to Reform? Garner, Craig B.  
Weingarten Rights – Unionized Employees’ Right to a Representative in Investigatory Interviews Rowan, Daniel L. Duckworth  Chris