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Article Title First Author Second Author*
2011 Human Resource Checklist Hindman, Kathryn, M. Yelnosky,  Maryann
2016 CMS EHR Changes: What Eligible Professionals Need to Know Krizanic, Sarah  
60 Minutes is Calling... and News Helicopters are Overhead! Lahner, Ronald, B.  
A Behavior-Based Care Management System Meets Challenges in a Post Health Care Reform World Stone, Ph.D., David  
A Brave New Medicare Garner, Craig B.  
A Crystal Ball for Health Care: Feasibility Studies Can Help Elucidate Major Decisions Rebay, Karl Lewis  Josh
A Guide to Cyber Liability for Health Care Industry Employers Hamer, Spencer  
A Kidney Transplant: the Best Treatment for the Right Patients Jackson, Joyce  
A Lean ED at San Joaquin Community Hospital Kabeya, MS, MBB, CPHQ, Schola  
A Place for Death In Health Care Garner, Craig B.  
Accountable Care Organizations: The Future of Quality Healthcare? Maslen, RN, BSN, NNP-BC, CPUM, Loy  
Accountable Health Communities Model Offers $157 Million in CMS Funding Andrade, CPA, Tony  
Accounting for Medical Malpractice Claims Obligations by Health Care Entities Conner, Brian  
ACOs and Shared Savings: Making a New Health Care Model Work Rivard, Chris  
ACOs: Will There be Savings to be Shared? Rose, Stephen  

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