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Nutritionist - RD, Othello, WA

Columbia Basin Health Association


Othello, WA

May 9, 2018

Columbia Basin Health Association New Building

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TITLE Nutritionist


Primary Accountabilities

This position is responsible for providing nutrition education and counseling to clients participating in the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, Maternity Support Services (MSS), as well as clinic medical patients on nutritional practices designed to prevent disease and promote good health.

Description of Primary Responsibilities

  1. Works as part of the care team to manage patient's nutritional needs and health problems efficiently and effectively.
    • Assess nutritional status of clients at risk for nutritional concerns.
    • Provide nutrition counseling for WIC and MSS clients as well as medical patients identified for obesity, diabetes, anemia, cholesterol, as well as other high risk nutrition conditions.
    • Maintain records that document interventions provided in accordance with applicable policies or program requirements.
  2. Care Management
    • Provide written or verbal consultation to medical providers, WIC, and MSS staff regarding nutritional requirements/concerns of individual clients and care recommendations.
    • Review charts and participate in interdisciplinary consultation as well as attending monthly medical staff meetings.
    • Make necessary referrals for clients.
  3. Nutrition education consultation
    • Compile and develop client education materials specific to client's needs (i.e. handouts, videos, booklets, posters, etc.).
    • Develop and implement annual nutritional education plan.
    • Conduct and/or coordinate monthly in-services on nutrition related topics.
    • Assist medical staff in developing nutritional components of clinic protocol as needed.
    • Provide staff training as necessary (example: training of para-professional certifiers)
  4. Effectively manages caseload by providing timely interventions, providing quality services, achieving positive outcomes, and maintaining productivity levels.


General Development:

  1. Requires more advanced organizational skills, in order to organize projects or the work of others.
  2. Job duties require the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  3. Job responsibilities require individual development of priorities for effective performance of duties, including re-prioritization in response to changes in circumstances.
  4. Employees are expected to devise effective solutions to situations encountered based on general goals and objectives of the function.
  5. Work requires the incorporation of departmental/functional process into the overall functioning of the organization.
  6. Duties require drawing conclusions using inference and logic, which may be different than the conclusion that could be drawn by others.

Professional and Technical Knowledge:

  1. Performance of the duties and responsibilities of the job requires the equivalent of extensive formal training in nutritional counseling, including an understanding of the application of the theory and practices of the profession to the operations of the organization, usually in the form of a major in nutrition related field as part of a Master’s Degree.
  2. This position requires that employees possess a license as a registered dietician.
  3. Possess a valid Washington State driver’s license with the ability to travel to perform home visits and other work related activities.

Technical Skills:

  1. Basic knowledge on using computers and the ability to work in a Windows environment using Microsoft Work, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  2. Ability to enter and manage data into a centralized electronic health records.

Communication Skills:

  1. Job duties require the employee to effectively communicate their opinions and extrapolations of information they collect and synthesize/analyze.
  2. Employees are required to negotiate resolutions to complex situations which may be inherently adversarial.
  3. Job duties require the compilation and analysis of information prepared in effective written form, including correspondence, reports, articles, or other documentation.
  4. Duties involve others to take actions or to behave in specific way desired by the employee.

Physical Demands & Vision Requirements:

  1. Ability to stand, walk, sit, use hands, fingers, and talk frequently.
  2. Ability to lift up to 25 pounds
  3. Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)
  4. Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)
  5. Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus)

REPORTS TO: VP of Programs
OPEN DATE 4/3/2018
LOCATION Othello Clinic

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