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Director of Physical/Occupational Therapy, Cincinnati, OH

The Christ Hospital Health Network


Cincinnati, OH

May 16, 2017

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Shift: Full Time, Days


This position will be located at The Christ Hospital Health Network (TCHHN), located at 2139 Auburn Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.

Job Overview: Manages, directs, and facilitates operations for Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy at The Christ Hospital and The Christ Hospital Physical & Occupational Therapy Centers. Primary goal of the departments is to deliver quality rehabilitation services in a timely efficient manner.


The Director of Physical/Occupational Therapy may perform the following duties:


  • Plans, delegates, and assigns projects.
  • Completes payroll for direct reports.
  • Organized processes in place for smooth operation of departments.
  • Sets standards, policies and develops job descriptions.
  • Analysis of operations/census/staffing levels.
  • Regulatory Compliance-assists department/sites to meet criteria.
  • Provides orientation and training as required.
  • Development of employee programs.
  • Recruitment and retention initiatives.
  • Collaborates with HR for employee issues.
  • Uses evidenced based practice to make operational changes.
  • Day-to-day tasks for routine operation of the department.


  • Manages cost, revenue, EBIDA, and approves requisitions.
  • Operating budget; completes or facilitates with input from senior staff and managers; responsible for budgets from multiple cost centers.
  • Capital-assists in research of items, requests & manages expenses; solicits input.
  • Follows purchasing/supply chain processes.
  • Monitors productivity standards on a regular basis; utilizes tools within the organization to monitor efficiency.
  • Analyzes visits, FTE/on a regular basis.
  • Completes variance reports in a timely manner with detailed explanations.
  • Review of monthly financial reports; verifies expenses; re-class as needed.
  • Communicates and takes action regarding financial performance.


  • Establishes goals/ direction for department.
  • Seeks input for strategy.
  • Critical Success Factors support company plan.
  • Provides orientation and training as appropriate.
  • Performance review; process objective.
  • Provides routine support, assistance to managers with tasks as needed.
  • Timely follow-up to employee requests; problem solving with employees.
  • Competency plans for organization.
  • Leadership in organization, meetings; minutes as indicated.
  • Establish tools for employees to improve efficiency of their work.
  • Provide direction and insight for growth and development of individuals.
  • Participates in continuing education; shares and educates others.


  • Written communication to include but is not limited to memo, policies, letters, plans, reports, etc.
  • Interdisciplinary work with set objectives.
  • Verbal communication to assure smooth operation of the department; includes timely follow-up and employee feedback.
  • Liaison between employees & administration.
  • Customer oriented style and approach.
  • Distributes material in a timely manner.
  • Role model behavior.
  • Email within system; timely response.
  • Positive communication; creates an "ExCels" work environment.
  • Collaborates with other employees/ leaders for operations.
  • Confidential as appropriate.

Performance Improvement/Program Development/ Marketing

  • Assists in annual planning, development of objectives.
  • Establishes priorities.
  • Establishes targets/ threshold levels/data reports.
  • Solicits input into performance improvement processes.
  • Analysis of data/ planning for new business.
  • Assists with communication of PI/goal achievement, CSF.
  • Physician analysis & plans as appropriate; collaboration with physicians.
  • Assists in development of new sites/services.
  • Supports and encourages professional advancement and certification.
  • Involvement in professional organization.

Education: Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from AOTA accredited program, or Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy from an APTA accredited program, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) preferred. Master’s degree in Healthcare (MHA) or Business Administration (MBA) is highly desirable. Licensure by the State of Ohio. Certification by the AOTA (OT only).

Experience: 5-7 years of clinical experience; At least 5 years of progressive management experience in an inpatient and/or outpatient therapy setting. Must have demonstrated experience with building high performance teams, budgeting, profit/loss, program development, and growing a business through referrals.

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